LF srl ancona


Innovation, maximum functionality, technical-logistic performances, competitivity: in all projects each variable, index and element is harmonized and made tangible, screenable and functional. Design defines a strategic-operative picture in which every customer’s need turns into a new value, the unexpected reveals himself and can be turned into a resource.

LF deals with the technical planning with competences, technologies and a high qualified staff, formed to provide excellent products, satisfying European and extra CEE standards.

From the processing with AUTOCAD, to finalization of MECHANICAL/ELECTRICAL DRAWINGS, PROTECTION COORDINATION, SELECTIVITY STUDY and PLC AND SCADA SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT, all LF projects are developed respecting all EN standards:

Electromagnetic compatibility directive (EMC)

2014/30/EU         26/02/2014

Low voltage directive relating to electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits

2014/35/UE      26/02/2014

Technical documentation attached to each equipment represents a detailed map of the product and a precious and practical tool for Post Sell Assistance.

Technical forms supplied with the product consist in the following documents:

  • mechanical book
  • certified manuals
LF srl ancona
LF srl ancona


Presence, competence, solutions: our reliability and our service’s value are built on the trinomial of excellence, a nucleus made of industrial plus capable to guarantee the customer a continuous, concrete and competitive relationship based on trust.

From the start-up phase to the systems and equipment’s set up, LF is a caring partner, capable to assist the customer with rapid and decisive interventions.

The deep and consolidated knowledge of industrial and naval market, the experience and efficiency by which LF operates on any kind of a volume’s systems are the basis of the Post Sell Assistance; a team formed by design engineers and operatives can guarantee:

  • fault resolution
  • needed improvements, expansion, plant optimization as necessary
  • preventive maintenance contracts, written to suit customer’s needs
  • On specific customer’s request, LF can install the equipment or monitor the installation made by third parts.
LF srl ancona
LF srl ancona


Quality for us is not only an idea or a company standard, but rather the company’s seed and vision, a daily practice to imagine and build the future serving with method and passion each of our customers.

LF builds his corporate quality on distributed and shared responsibilities; Communication and synergies carefully regulated on every organizational level in the company allows to comply with customer’s needs.

Quality Policy is to LF a natural strategy strongly developed, through which the organizational company structure constantly verifies and regulates the internal management system, quality of human and technological resources and customer relationships.

LF srl ancona


Certifying body R.I.N.A

Certificato del 27-09-2002; data rinnovo 14-09-2020 n. 7562/02/S scad. 23-09-2023

Quality system certification – Engineering and supply of electric boards