MCC LV2004

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SYSTEM MCC type LV 2004 is a modular system of withdrawable units for the supply, control and protection of law voltage motors. Thanks to their versatility, they can easily be adapted to suit any plant configuration, electrical diagram and installation site. The fact that the switchboard is completely accessible from the front means that it can be installed against a wall or back to back with consequent space-saving. All the operations involving insertion and removal of the withdrawable unit as well as those of accessing the supply and outlet cable cupboards can be done from the front, without any danger of coming into contact with any live parts.

LF srl ancona


Thanks to their simple and robust modular structure, these switchboards can be used in power production plants, industrial plants, on-board installations and anywhere else they are required:

  • Personnel safety
  • Flexibility and continuity of service
  • Reliability
  • rapidity of use and maintenance
  • Easy installation and connections
  • Possibility of expansion and modifications.
LF srl ancona


SYSTEM LV2004 switchboard has been design and built respecting the main national and international standards:

  • CEI EN 61439-1: low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies (LT panels)
  • And the equivalent international standard IEC 61439-1.
LF srl ancona



Type tests

LV2004 SYSTEM switchboards are subjected to the type tests foreseen in the standards. On request the documentation from national and international laboratories is available.

Routine tests

All the switchboard are subjected to routine tests foreseen in the standard:

  • Inspection of the assembly, including inspection of wiring and, if necessary, electrical operation test
  • Dielectric Strength Test
  • Checking of protective measures and of the electrical continuity of the protective circuit
  • checking of the insulation resistance


Structure of a section

SYSTEM LV2004 section consists of standardized elements whose mode of installation enables operations of modification and/or adaptation to be performed in complete safety, without particular settings or tools. The supporting structure has three functional spaces:

  • main busbar and distribution busbar space;
  • switchgear space;
  • Connection space.

These three spaces are enclosed in a metallic casing, whose walls provide protection against contact with live parts and the penetration of liquid and solid foreign bodies (CEI EN 60529).

The modular design of the switchboard guarantees:

  • Simplicity in the technical definition of the switchboard;
  • A high standardization of basic component;
  • The immediate interchangeability of withdrawable units of the same size;
  • The modification of the layout of the withdrawable unit in the section simply be moving the fixed parts of the drawers;
  • Rapidity and reliability when changing or modifying the components.
Electrical characteristics
Rated insulation voltage (Ui)1000V
Rated operational voltage (Ue)690V
Rated Frequency50/60 Hz
Rated current
(for higher values, contact us)
Main busbars≤ 2000A
Distribution busbars630A
Rated short-time current for 1 sec. (Icw)≤ 50 / 70 kA
Rated peak withstand current (Ipk)≤ 105 / 154 kA
Degree of protection
(according to EN 60529)
External enclosurestandard IP31 (on request up to IP54)
With open doorIP2X
Maximum number of modules for section12
Size of withdrawable unit1/2-1-2-3-4
Rated current clamps on withdrawable unit≤ 400 A
Standard colour of external enclosureRAL 9002
AccessFrom the front
InstallationAgainst a wall or back to back
Entry and exit of cablesFrom top or bottom
Dimensions of a sectionwidth [mm]800
height [mm]2365
depth [mm]630
Protection persons against internal arc
(IEC 61641)
On request

MBI 401 - SYSTEM LV 2004

CN13S0171058-01Corrosion resistance severity A Damp heat cycle (salt spray test)CEI EN 61439
11-0766-06LiftingCEI EN 61439
02SM00036Mechanical impactCEI EN 61439
17049-R01Protection rating IP56CRI EN 60529
TR-LM-0598Protection class of enclosures IP44CEI EN 60439
Impulse withstand voltage
Mechanical operation
TR-LM-0667- 50kAProtection against electric shock and integrity of protective circuitsCEI EN 60439
Effective earth continuity between
the exposed conductive parts of the assembly and the protective
Short-circuit withstand strength
TR-LM-0668- 70kAProtection against electric shock and integrity of protective circuitsCEI EN 60439
Effective earth continuity between
the exposed conductive parts of the assembly and the protective
Short-circuit withstand strength
14-0770-01Dielectric properties: Rated lighting impulse withstand voltageCEI EN 60439
14-0817-03- LFTemperature-rise limitsCEI EN 61439
TR-LM-00/0971Internal Arc ContainmentCEI EN 60439
2005-0501-00CEI EN 61439