LF srl ancona


With more than 25 years of experience, LF operates in the global market, designing and developing ELECTRICAL PANELS, MOTOR CONTROL PANELS, CONSOLE and AUTOMATION.

The skills acquired and constantly updated, an international customer portfolio of the most prestigious global brands describes the industrial profile of LF: a valid and reliable partner, capable to activate his resources and operational measures to satisfy many customer needs in the sectors the company operates:


Oil plants and platforms, power plants and any kind of industries


Yachting, freight and passenger transport

Thanks to his dynamism and a concrete entrepreneurial vision, LF transformed his market vision into a well-organized company, certified and accredited. Today the company is organized into four divisions capable to operate on the entire working process:

Design – Construction – Installation – After sales service

LF srl ancona
LF srl ancona
LF srl ancona