Marine automation

L.F. is operating at core of marine sector, designing and developping automated plant capable to test, control and manage remotly, a wide tipology of signals and parameters that regulate the normal and optimum functioning of ship. 

PMS systems designed by L.F. (Power Management System) are automatic systems for managing of electrical loads, a simple but very important plant that is the heart and the real engine of all ships, specifically thougth and produced to garantee performance, safety and money savings for all kind of ships services (yachting, cruises, RO-RO vessel and cargo).

Developped with deep knowledge of latest communication protocols and featured with "user interface" extrimely intuitive and detailed, L.F.'s PMS are a powerfull instrument for dynamic management of electrical loads:

Eletrical networks control logic, implemented on various type of PLC (Programmming Logic Circuit): General-Electric Power Control; Telemecanique; Allan Bradley; SAIA, etc.

Managing of paralleling between two or more generators with dynamic load sharing releated to their own nominal powers

> Managing of paralleling between one or more generators and Shore Line connection for seamless transfer parallels

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