Configuration LV2004

Configuration of a section

SYSTEM LV2004 section consists of standardised elements whose mode of installation enables operations of modification and /or adaptation to be performed in complete safety, without particular settings or tools.


The supporting structure has three functional spaces:

> main busbar and distribution busbar space

> switchgear space

> connections space

These three spaces are enclosed in a metallic casing, whose walls provide protection against contact with live parts and the penetration of liquid and solid foreign bodies (EN 60529).

The modular design of the switchboard guarantees:

> simplicity in the technical definition of the switchboard

> a high standardisation of basic component

> the immediate interchangeability of withdrawable units of the same size;

> the modification of the layout of the withdrawable unit in the section simply by moving the fixed parts of the drawers

> rapidity and reliability when changing or modifying the components

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