"Innovation, maximum functionality, techno-logistic performance, competitivity: each variable, each index, each element of project is harmonized and made tangible, functionale. The design is define a strategic-operative picture where each customer requirement is transformed in value, each unexpected thing is revealed and converted in resource."

LF is going on with technical design with skills, technologies ad very high qualified personnel, specifically trained to give excellent supplies and meet european and extra CEE norms.

From AUTOCAD elaboration, to finalization of MECHANICAL and ELECTRICAL DRAWINGS, of COORDINATION OF PROTECTION, of SELECTIVITY STUDY and DEVELOPMENT OF PLC AND SCADA SYSTEMS, LF's projects are done in full respect of actual EN sector norms:

  • machine safety, Directive 89/392 CEE
  • electromagnetic compatibility, Directive 89/336 CEE
  • harmonization of low voltage material, Directive 73/23 CEE

The technical documentation attached to each equipment is a detailed map of product and a pratical precious instrument for After-market service.
The techical documentation next to all equipments consists in following manuals :

- Mechanical book
- Certificates manual

è armonizzato e reso tangibile,

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