Introduction LV2002


“SYSTEM LV2002” Power Center is a LV distribution switchboard particulary suitable for applications requiring high performance and a high level of reliability. They are generally installed downstream the MV/LV transformers or generator groups and contain the main and distribution circuit-breakers of the LV plant. They consist of standardized section based on a easy-to-fit modular design permitting to suit any plant configurations, electrical diagrams and installation sites. The wide range of sections and the availability of different versions which ensure both front and rear access, offer different solutions satisfing any need in terms of installation and space requirements.
Switching and regulation operations on the equipments, as well as the access and routine maintenance of the switchboard can be carried out in maximum safety for personnel and with no danger of accidental contact with live parts.


Thanks to their versatility and high performance, SYSTEM LV2002 switchboards can be used in power production plants, industrial plants, on installation board and anywhere else are required:
  • personnel safety
  • flexibility and continuity of service
  • reliability
  • rapidity of use and maintenance
  • easy installation and connection
  • possibility of estensions and modifications


SYSTEM LV2002 switchboard has been designed and built respecting the main international and national standards:
  • EN 60439-1: low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies
  • and the equivalent international standard IEC 60439-1.


Type tests

SYSTEM LV2002 switchboards are subjected to the type tests foreseen in the standards. On request the documentation from national and international laboratories are available.

Routine tests

All the switchboards are subjected to the routine tests foreseen in the standard:

  • inspection of the assembly, including inspection of wiring and, if necessary, electrical operation test
  • dielectric test
  • checking of protective measures and of the electrical continuity of the protective circuits
  • checking of insulation resistance.controllo dell'apparecchiatura, controllo del cablaggio e prova di funzionamento elettrico
  • prova dielettrica
  • verifica dei mezzi di protezione e della continuità elettrica del circuito di protezione
  • verifica della resistenza d'isolamento
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